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Turner & Hooch (1989)


"Always" (1989) <3 holly hunter. Audrey's last appearance in film and LOVE smoke gets in your eyes.....

Which Song Is Your Power Anthem?

I got: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen! Which Song Is Your Power Anthem?No one is gonna hold you back! Your opinions might not always be popular, and you might not always get the support you deserve. But none of that matters when your inner compass is telling you to go for the gold! Go and get it!


Always (1989)

Always (1989) Pete Sandich, a firefighting pilot, dies in the line of duty but returns as a guardian angel to fledgling aviator Ted Baker. Pete's task takes an unexpected twist, however, when Ted begins falling for Dorinda Durston, the girl Pete left behind. Cast:Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter...17,33


"Always", 1989--Holly Hunter, Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, Brad Johnson and Audrey Hepburn. A romantic adventure about a legendary pilot's passion for dare-devil firefighting and his girl. **And a lot more than that!***

Always(1989) ※12/23/1989,Chicago Tribune