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Self titled “X-treame” chef Alvin Leung will be bringing his own unique style of cooking to the UK with his new restaurant Bo London opening off Regent Street in London. #cooking

Déjà une étoile Michelin pour le BO London du Chef Alvin Leung - Le Gastronome Parisien


What 5 things does MasterChef Canada judge Alvin Leung pack on his trips?

Restaurateur and chef Alvin Leung is a MasterChef Canada judge and relentless traveller.


Michelin star chef Alvin Leung (the ‘Demon Chef’ behind Bo Innovation,) has crafted a menu of unique salads for a new business called Beautifood.

Chef Alvin Leung’s “Demon Dog” - Chef Alvin Leung replaced the hot dog bun with Youtiao which are crispy Chinese fried dough sticks !!! He sliced the dough sticks vertically then placed a grilled pork Crif Dog in the center along with Szechuan pork chili, melted gouda, pickled radish and lime mayonnaise.