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These 10 Incredible Pieces Of Street Art In Idaho Will Leave You In Awe

I love how this sculpture represents the wind, but it additionally reacts to the wind! The top of the dandelion puff is on a ball bearing, and it moves with the wind. It would be great to do something similar with a poppy, for example.


There are some great ideas for organizing a garage, or even a storage unit, in this post. A great resource as well for home organization. Thanks, IHeart Organizing blog!


1] trash/compost 2] aluminum and paper (back row) 3] glass (back row) 4] plastic the trashcans in back will be harder to change, so they will hold aluminum and paper--> they don't smell and they are easily compactable, so you wont need to change it as often.


This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Metal Into A Bucket Of Sand...WOW

There are countless things you can do with leftover aluminum cans. Recycling them is just one (admittedly fantastic) option. Instead of dropping them off at a recycling center in exchange for money, why not keep them, melt them, and make something incredible? This guy melted down his extra cans, poured the metal into a bucket of sand...and the result was awesome.

from the Guardian

Collecting cans to survive: a 'dark future' as California recycling centers vanish

Recycled aluminum cans at the Norcal Waste recycling facility in San Francisco. Californians recycled more than 18bn beverage containers in 2015. Kicking out recycling centers is an effective way for affluent residents to ensure they don’t have see certain people. “So many new people come in, the property values go up, and they say, ‘I don’t want to see these people,’” said Csaszar, gesturing toward his customers. Csaszar runs his own shuttle to ferry recyclers from Chinatown to his…