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Alton Brown's Brined Turkey

A salt water brine changes the cellular structure of the turkey and allows it to both hold in the moisture, as well as pull the seasonings deep into the meat. Its actually a very simple process that will yield beautiful and delicious results. My mom told me how good Altons recipe was and that she was going to repeat it again this year. I decided to try it myself. Its, hands-down, the best roasted turkey weve ever had. The brine and aromatics create an amazing symphony of flavors that…

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Alton Brown's How to Brine a Turkey (core recipe) + video

Alton Brown's How to Brine a Turkey (core recipe) + video... I've done it! It works............................. Do yourself a favor, B R I N E❤️

My Favorite Turkey Brine

The Pioneer Woman Turkey Brine Recipe I've always used Alton Browns (which everyone says is the best turkey ever!) think I will try this one since I love everything from her :)

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Alton Brown's Good Eats Turkey - Brined & Delicious

I made this last year and it was delicious. I use a brand new Home Depot Bucket for brining-I think it works better than the bags. I prefer to cook the Turkey until its or more, not the as suggested- we don't like any traces of pink in the middle.

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey |

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey

Gingered Apple Upside-Down Cake

Gingered-Apple-Upside-Down-Cake- good use for crystallized ginger leftover from my Alton Brown turkey brine recipe

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