40 Stylish Streetwear Dresses For You To Be Cool This Summer

40 Stylish Streetwear Dresses For You To Be Cool This Summer

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20 Style Tips On How To Layer Your Clothes To Stay Warm This Winter

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I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend! Finally I’m posting our Paris post, we’ve had some trouble with our hard-drive and lot’s of photos got lost, but we’ve sent it in to data recovery…

Nu Goth Fashion Tip Nº7: Victoria Campbell Hair Alternative Style - http://ninjacosmico.com/22-fashion-tips-nu-goth/

22 Fashion tips to rock the Nu-Goth style

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19 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing Black Will Understand

Soft grunge look with plaid, platforms, and a statement dark lip.

How to Sport Thigh High Socks

over the knee socks, slouchy sweater and a plaid shirt - messy top bun, ect.fun grunge inspired look.

Oversized Denim jacket - http://ninjacosmico.com/18-must-have-grunge-accessories-clothing/5/:

18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

Wearing all black is just.. Magnificent

How to Dress Goth? 12 Cute Gothic Styles Outfits Ideas

Gothic makeup, Summer Goth, Modern Alternative Style, NuGoth Summer, Bold makeup can add an alternative flair to your summer style.

Pastel Grunge And Goth Are Perfect For Summer