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PDF poster: Do-it-yourself Power Plant review report. there is soo much more energy we could be harvesting!

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Understanding Alternative Energies #Infographic #Energy

Understanding Alternative Energies #Infographic

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Alternative Energy Infographic Learn How To Reduce Your Energy Bill @

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This solar energy harvesting concept *could* revolutionise solar power on Earth - allegedly 30% more energy efficient than traditional PV panels, it magnifies rays from the sun (and moon) through a glass globe.

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Imagine a world where non-renewable resources, such as coal and oil, are in short supply! What can we do now to prepare for this future event? In this JASON Digital Lab, you will create a new energy portfolio for a city. Research new sources of energy and take another look at renewable and inexhaustible sources that were once considered “alternative” such as sunlight and wind. If you can help your city move forward into the future, you’ll be featured on our competitive leaderboards!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the Ultra-Efficient Homes of the Future

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