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In Japan, rain chains have been used for centuries as a device for directing rainwater runoff; they produce a musical cascade of water that empties either into a rainwater receptacle or a drainage bed.

Bright, attractive and weather resistant these colourful chalkboard Daisies will transform dull playground fencing into an exciting and fun area for young children to explore outdoor mark making.

Outdoor Mark Making Daisies - These are awesome! Why does the UK have way better kids products?

unique wedding ideas - wedding exit confetti moss send off ideas /  http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/wedding-exit-send-off-ideas/

25 Fun Creative Wedding Exit Send Off Ideas

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This happened to me and I can honestly say that listening to this music changed me so much... for the better.

This is so true because last year I was extremely shy but this year I started listening to diffrent bands and I have a lot more confidence and its awesome.

And that's really not even close to all of the subgenres to choose from

Rock For MetalHeads

Funny pictures about Rock For MetalHeads. Oh, and cool pics about Rock For MetalHeads. Also, Rock For MetalHeads photos.

Love this! Caleb's light switch. Definitely doing this! Ha!

How Much Common Sense Do You Have?

so true. When the world gets crazy I hit the music button.i would probably just live in the music world for the rest of my life

Wedding Signature Guestbook Alternative w by BridalStock on Etsy

Wedding Signature Guestbook Alternative w Personalized Center Label

That's what dirty dreams are made of!

"I'm not the kind of fool who's gonna' sit and sing to you about stars, girl.

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19 Things You Should Know About The 1975

Lana Del Rey

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