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Dickens's London: in pictures

Lower Fore Street, a narrow cobblestoned street in Lambeth, pictured in 1865. Fore Street is shown on John Roque's map of 1746. It ran alongside the river between Vauxhall Gardens and Lambeth Palace.


The Matchbox Collection

Matchbox Books. I really like this as an alternate way of making a book and Phil sent me the snopsis and an excerpt from a local recipe book that he thinks will end up being printed on postcards. Perhaps you could create an image like this with that book when it's made/do this with unbound pages, then you have the nice visual pun on the company name as well. Also maybe postcards of book covers would be nice


Great Moments in Alternate History: The American Revolution

Here's a map of Sobel's alternate America: In For Want of a Nail, an alternate history novel by Robert Sobel that acts as a high-school textbook for an alternate reality where the US lost the Revolutionary War, the divergence is traced back to Benedict Arnold losing the Battle of Saratoga.

Jakub Rozalski's Art is an Exercise In Alternate History Contrasts

Giant mechanical men lumber through a winter forest while War machines watch over farmland. Jakub Rozalski’s artwork is a study in contrasts: the past blended with the future. His images of an alternative, steampunk Europe are amazing works of art.


21 Maps That Will Change How You Think About Britain


Amazing Movie Posters by Ken Taylor

Dal Graphic Novel migliore di tutti i tempi, un film bellissimo e crudele, che si apprezza pienamente soprattutto nella sua Ultimate Cut da 215 minuti, che raccoglie le tematiche principali del fumetto e ne rispetta lo spirito. Per un vero appassionato resta il rammarico della lieve variazione del finale, ma sono indimenticabili i titoli di testa, la vendetta di Rorschach su Grand'Uomo, il colloquio tra Manhattan e Laurie su Marte e, nella versione integrale, la morte di Hollis Mason…