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Art by Ryan Sook-- I'm the opposite of this artwork, I dress and look 'dark',edgy on the outside, but inside, I'm not ;) ..why you can't judge a book by it's cover.

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What is the Name of your Alter Ego?

Many of us have a hidden self, an alter ego. That is the person inside us that only the closest to us might ever get to see or know about. What is your alter egos name? Take the fun quiz and see if the name you are given fits you.

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alter ego

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Choose your alter ego!

I'd love if this could be printed and put in a frame. It would look good in the comic themed living room

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Awesome Split Personality Portraits Through Clever Styling (Not Photoshop)

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image: Richard Fair They offer puppetry workshops for children, master classes for adults and theatre shows. Although, I find some puppets a little bit creepy - there's something about... The Norwich Puppet Theatre that represents a lost art.

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