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Arabic alphabet table

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German Language | year 7 singing the alphabet in German. It sounds beautiful, well done!

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A fun place to start! might have been beneficial if they got it right in the first place!!!!! Check out the letters of the alphabet - it's in English.....not in Welsh!!!!! LOL!!!!! Welsh has it's own alphabet!!! The print is too small to check if the words are correct or not!

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Jolly Phonics interactive display Roll and write letter Write in the sand Write on the whiteboard Sort the sound

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Kids love party games, what better way to learn letters than via musical letters....Fun, active and learning all in one!

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Welsh alphabet. Note that there is no J, K, Q, V, X or Z. However the most common surname in Wales is Jones, and there is a little village called Vivod. And if you find this interesting, just do a search for the definition of a Welsh Mile.

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This display was made by a Twinkl Teacher - "My initial letter sounds display. My current class have found objects for the display to help the new reception children coming in September." Great idea!

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