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from Anna Banana

Vegan Florentine Biscuits

Delicious Florentine biscuits, perfect for this holiday season! Crumbly, crunchy biscuit with caramel topping studded with glace cherries and flaked almonds with chocolate coating. Ideal as a gift for friends and family! |

from The Pumpkin Room

Lectio Divina with Stones

I really couldn’t think of a snappier title than this, but it is a fun thing to make and a great Bible study resource too. I’ve made two versions, both pictured in this post. One is muc…

Spiritual Warfare: Wolf Pack Dynamics.The opponent to Christ uses his packs 'in' & 'out' of the pagan religion domain to network together with psychological warfare mentality of the wolf mindset, ascribed to their thought processes aligned to the lower spiritual realms. Using world resources, in particular the internet to join their packs, the ranking behaviours are of the wolf pack dynamics, discernible via the nature & content of their message terrritorial scent markings there from. Rev…

from Wattpad

The After Math; A Patch Work People - Followers

Malka's family is trying to get away from the German soldiers and go find their dad that got captured by the German soldiers. This shows that this was part of the rising action.