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Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, is a popular problem nowadays. It is estimated that a considerable number of people are suffering from this syndrome, which is sign of a worsening health, and hair loss leads to the decrease of self-esteem. However, after great efforts over a long period of time, the causes of this problem were figured out and so was the idea of how to stop hair loss.

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Student's horror as alopecia caused her hair to fall out in just WEEKS

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by the way that certain hormones affect our hair follicles. Our hair is in a constant growth cycle, but a process of miniaturisation can occur, where the hair follicles shrink, getting smaller, thinner and lighter with each hair growth cycle. Eventually, the hair follicles are unable to produce hair.

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(DECLAMATION PIECE) I'M A HUMAN By: Mercy A. Paloma(Mercy Anquilo (ms.czen))

(DECLAMATION PIECE) I'M A HUMAN By: Mercy A. Paloma by Mercy Anquilo Never discriminate those people who are currently suffering from ALOPECIA cause the truth is, you will never know their inner feelings- the pain inside them. To those people who keep on discriminating them, all i can say is that.Thank you! Thank you for making us the most strongest person we can be

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Sick Question To Ask .... Do you really think anyone who has Multiple Sclerosis would bring this nightmare of a disease to themselves...The Person asking is a Real Jerk...

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By Sally Miller Around 15% of American women are suffering from female pattern baldness caused by androgenic alopecia. For a female, ...


Can hair loss (Traction Alopecia) be caused by wearing hair too tight?

Girl left bald by condition that makes her compelled to pull out hair

'No one knows my "great" hair is actually a wig': Woman, 22, left bald by rare #hairpulling condition caused by stress

Scalp Detox for Healthy hair

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