Home alone marathon.....heating on full blast, hot chocolate, PJ day with my beautiful family #PerfectSunday

77 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True

[SET OF GIFS] 1x04 Phantom Traveler

Poor Dean, strongest, toughest guy in the universe, and poor guy has to face his only human fear!<< i have a fear of flying too. If i had a choice i would drive everywhere

I wondering where Armin was, but next thing I know he just wants to be shipped with Annie~

Attack on Titan season 1 character shots<< awww Armin cares about Annie being all alone!

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Stop Being So Hard On Yourself.

"Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can." - I need to remember this, sometimes we are our own worst critic.

(OK, BUT FOR REAL, THOUGH.) | What It Feels Like To Keep Up With "Pretty Little Liars"

Pretty little liars boys Top left: Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) Bottom left: Jason DiLaurents (Drew Van Acker) Top Right: Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) Bottom Right: Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>> Okay, was I the only one who was really, really, really, REALLY, hoping that it would be Walt Disney that the author or the sorcerer? Am I? << you are not alone!

Emma, Magic, Wicked, Frozen and Merlin is coming

Christmas tree garland...beautiful alone or combine with some green swag garland and for a very charming simple look...love!

Banners, Buntings and Garland... oh my!

Would be a cute idea to do with little ones while they are home from school to learn to sew! A Darling Christmas Tree Garland!

Whether you’re experiencing an episode of anxiety in this season or it has been an ongoing battle, here are 19 quotes to encourage your spirit.

19 Must-Read Quotes for the Girl Struggling With Anxiety