Bonding: The wonderful moment between mother and son was captured by photographer Clayton Bownds

Giving baby the heads up: Little alligator grins from ear-to-ear as he gets a ride down the river on his mother's head

Baby alligator safely sitting on his mother’s head. Photo by Clayton Bownds.

Crocodile, caiman and alligator.

Can you spot the differences before looking at the answer? SPOILER ALERT (answer): From top to bottom, we have the American crocodile, spectacled caiman and American alligator. FWC photo by Kevin Enge

Lake Martin, Louisiana  Swamp. I'd love to see all this - so very Addams family and beautiful - *divebombedintostardust*

I can climb this tree damnit…… (Alligator - Lake Martin Louisiana Swamp)

A baby crocodile camouflaged among weed[s] in a pond, Tangerang, Indonesia by Yensen Tan -

Pictures of the day: 20 January 2016

A baby crocodile camouflaged among weed[s] in a pond, Tangerang, Indonesia by…

Alligator.. Everglades National Park, Florida, U.S (by renedrivers on Flickr)

Florida - Everglades National Park is home to thousands of alligators and over 100 different reptiles and bird species. Ya, and I ate lots of alligator for lunch while in Florida!

Alligator taking a mud bath.. (by Karla_S on Flickr)

Alligators are mean and scarey. I prefer them as belts.or purses.or boots because then I can face them in my fashion fierceness they would run ( not eat me).

Florida's Wildlife:...

Louisiana is at the heart of alligator country! In fact, Louisiana's wild alligator population is estimated to be approximately million gators! In addition

Green Alligator Cuba Scuba Diving #cuba#greenalligator#scubadiving

Shark Diving in Cuba's Gardens of the Queen