Looks like Col Allen West's words are dead on! Share and Like if you agree! ‪#‎AllenWest‬ website: www.allenwestrepublic.com. Head to www.tiltright.com/blog/ for a FREE guide packed with tips for Baby Boomers.

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I'm tired of liberals dividing this country up into little groups, setting them upon each other, breeding spite and envy, and then having the nerve to accuse conservatives of hatred. -- Allen West

Allen West "This is reprehensible, and we can expect even more bad behavior from a President that continues to spit on our Constitution and in our eyes…...

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Allen West “I’m sick of Barack Hussein Obama supporting Islamists. And the Coexist weaklings and apologists”....me too

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Allen West “The law is being changed to accommodate those who have broken the law.” - Allen West Republic

Allen West, a great American conservative summing up obama for what obama is. One of the best descriptions of obama out there.

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