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Allegiant Air Flight Status

Sam Taylor-Wood represents physical spaces and elements through highly energetic poses and situations. I am interested in her works that investigate self by removing objects and her body figures. They are a fantastically matched.


F-105 Thundercheifs in formation


Common knowledge states that a young British Royal Navy pilot,named Leefe Robinson,was 1st flyer to shoot down a massive German Zeppelin dirigible.Even today,some folks in England still recall exploits of Robinson.He brought dirigible down one foggy night & Zeppelin fell down ablaze near Cuffley,England.In early days of Great War,German Zeppelins brought much terror to residents of England.High level bombing runs by formations of Zeppelins,sparked strong anti-German sentiment among British.


Mil V-12 (Mi-12) - This very rare and unusual bird was nicknamed "Homer" by the NATO and is by far one of the most exotic aircraft ever to have passed through the airport. It was accompanied by Mil Mi-8 CCCP-11097, both aircraft on their way to the Le Bourget airshow. Because they were not allowed to fly over Germany (Cold War issues), they had to re-route via Denmark and also The Netherlands to take on fuel. Currently, this airframe is preserved at the Air Force museum in Monino, Russia.


Consolidated PBY Catalina Long Range Seaplane ~ WWII


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