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from BuzzFeed

Eddie Redmayne Made A Pro-Hufflepuff PSA Because Hufflepuffs Are Badass

YESSS..Newt Scamander was a Hufflepuff so.. finally!! Anyway thank you for defending us, we are very grateful....from a fellow Hufflepuff.


In the 1920s the Iraq StarGate was uncovered in Baghdad. It was in “Green Zone” during the Iraqi War and was the whole purpose for the war.WMDs were an excuse.The "Green Zone" is the heavily guarded diplomatic/government area of closed-off streets in central Baghdad where US occupation authorities live and work. The Green Zone in the central city includes the palaces of former President Saddam Hussein where the StarGate is located in the basement of the main palace?!

from the Guardian

The explanation for October's clown sighting hysteria is staring us in the face


Why are people so fucking dumb and closed minded??


JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE WITH AUTHORITY DID IT BEFORE DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT.... Here's hoping that this is not America's future, god help us all if so!

from BBC News

Reality Check: Who voted for Donald Trump?

I kinda had the feeling Trump wasn't being supported by rocket scientists.


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Hmmmm.... But they use their internalized racism to say BLM is the same?! Gtfoh!!! BLM is definitely not the same or serving the same purposes as the KKK. They spread hatred, segregation, and destruction of other races and creeds of people. And stop with the white victim excuse about the KKK did more to you all than us sorry ass excuse. So miss every other race besides your own with that bullshit.