DIY Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad -- hmm, dad will be moving soon and I know we had one cat that loved this type of thing, really awesome! (plus all those boxes at work!)

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New! CoolCats Gray and Turquoise Plaid Flannel and Fleece cat harness jacket now available in my Etsy shop

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Can you tell my neighbor's cat Thelma, and my outside cat Brother, are litter mates? Heck, they are practically carbon copies!

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(The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times.)

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This website provides some tips, consults about the cats behaviors and how can you understand your cats behaviors to comfort them.

A rod attached with colorful feathers to attract your cats attention. Great for all types of cats and proven to be a best seller. Colorful feathers… #cats #cat #toys #cattoys #kitten #kitty #paws #animals #pets #meow #bowl #collar #bed #cute #funny #furry #fluffy #dog #food #puppy #accessory #accessories #cage #led #buy #diy #online

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A polyester Cinderella gown or a cat's tail can cost you upward of $50, it's time to get acquainted with a few sexy and creepy costumes that aren't only easy on your debit card, but also allow you to dress in chicer attire — like an LBD, leather jacket and miniskirt, or a jumpsuit. Your magic wand for the month will be eyeliner! All types of liner can be used to replicate these looks.

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People Helping Animals... Yep.  We all need to do this

5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds of all times | The Pets me a Mastiff and a Tibetan at that!! :) Check more at

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