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Indoor Plants Cheat Sheet #Infographic

Indoor Plants Cheat Sheet #Infographic #Flower #HomeImprovement

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Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

"Making things you want out of things you don't!" Tinned Pineapple is made of two crafters who each make our own fun items, and sometimes we get together to work on joint projects! We specialize in upcycling and geekery, but we've been known to do all...

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5 best easy-to-grow outdoor plants for beginner gardeners

Beginner gardener? Try one of these easy low-maintenance plants - they aren't fussy, don't need lots of watering or pruning. Just put them in the ground and leave them to it!

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My plant gang with Urban Jungle Bloggers...

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Photo Journal: Our Oases

How we created a green living and working space as featured in the new issue of Another Escape. Plants bring a positive and creative energy to our every day.

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As the garden hits a summer lull, Toby Buckland picks 10 plants that will hold interest, come rain or shine.

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Seasonal guide to bee-friendly plants. Help your local bees and join Friends of the Earth's Great British Bee Count (19 May - 30 June 2016). #greatbritishbeecount

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