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Little Boy by Saving Annabel Lee. "do I really mean so little to you! Just words and blood upon a page. Words from my heart and the blood the same, mixing with the ink to leave a stain. Upon my sleeve bandaged and damp with truths and hopes, inside I am trapped. My mind is my worse enemy and my soul is is burnt and gone. You the pretty roses and I the blackened thorns. Scared little boy! Go to sleep! Hide your damage, silently weep"

~"Somewhere tonight, on a winding road, is an empty heart with a heavy load, looking for a way to a better life. Let YOUR LOVE REACH OUT somewhere tonight." If you were this person, won't you hope and pray that someone helps you? Let's open our hearts to them.

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

Mom misses you both....King, I never got to hold you, I felt your presence within me...however you were gone in minutes... Michael , I spent moments with you that I will cherish every day that I breathe baby, you were my strength through times I never thought I'd make it through, even when you were not in my presence ... I want you to know that every day that I do right is because I'm reminded by your presence on this earth that I have/had a purpose...and I hope this board lives one forever


"N. C. Wyeth. Migrating birds. This feels so much like those nights you revel being just a tad cold — finally shedding winter, and hoping to put off summer just a little while longer."


True, very true. Disney's basic mentality is "Oh, look at all the terrible things these nice characters have gone through! They should live happily ever after."


Dear Taehyung, I hope that the pain you feel will eventually cease and though it will never be gone, it might become more bearable with time. Please let the other members support and love you at this time, whilst you take time to heal. We appreciate all that you do for us and that you've continue to work for your fans. We know your grandmother is so proud of you and loves you even though she's not here physically. When times are hard turn to your ever loving fans, or friends or family and…