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Slipknot All Hope Is Gone - Joel McIver

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Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick comes to UK TV.

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~"Somewhere tonight, on a winding road, is an empty heart with a heavy load, looking for a way to a better life. Let YOUR LOVE REACH OUT somewhere tonight." If you were this person, won't you hope and pray that someone helps you? Let's open our hearts to them.

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This pin saddens me because it didn't use to be this way. I mean DC comics has Superman for Pete's sake! He should be a glowing, hopeful beacon of all that is good and just. But somewhere along the way the scrappy and flawed characters of Marvel supplanted that image and now they are the righteous ones while poor DC, lost in their self created muck has lost their way. Also, they have Batman, and the DC Universe is darker than the petty Marvel one.

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See you in my dreams

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( born rebel. )

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True, very true. Disney's basic mentality is "Oh, look at all the terrible things these nice characters have gone through! They should live happily ever after."

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An open letter to anyone who ever talked down the refugee crisis

Here is an interview about this cartoon: The cartoon first appeared in Australian Options magazine - discussions for social justice and political change - which is celebrating its year of publication! I have drawn cartoons for every issue.

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Not a day passes by, Dad that you don’t cross my mind. Not all of you departed when you left our earth behind. In my heart there is a place that only you can hold. Filled with loving memories more priceless than gold. I know you still hear me Dad so please know this is true that everything I am today is all because of YOU. Toni Kane – FREE TO SHARE – In Loving Memory Cards For Dad On Facebook

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All Hope Is Gone Slipknot

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