Tumblr Who #9

Okay but the first one YES because remember when Clara was in the Dalek when Missy put her in and she said a whole sentence but it only translated into one word. Well, same with PHYSICS in Gallifreyian?

I'm loving the 'Companions nick the Tardis' spinoff idea. I bet Rose drags them all to see concerts she wanted to go to as a kid

Dude the teenager girl part is hella creepy cuz that's me 😱<<<i can't decide if this comment is innocent or just downright stupid

Dr Who Quote We're All Stories Tardis Print Dr by FoxAndVelvet

Officially going to make this the main theme behind my wedding. Dr Who Quote We're All Stories Tardis Print Dr by FoxAndVelvet

Doctor Who Fans - which one are you?! <<< okay so I'm guilty of being a tennant fan girl.... i'm so so so not sorry

The 12 Types of Doctor Who Fans. I'm 6 of them: Tennant Fan Girl, Christopher Eccelston Die Hard, Moffat Fan, Moffat Hater, Matt Smith fan and Capaldi Convert.

One of my all time favorite scenes.  I just love the way he takes control.  Doctor Who.  Tenth Doctor.

This was my first episode, and my friend made sure I paid attention to this part, because it explains the show so well. ---that is a fantastic comment, great friends

Tumblr Who #50 - The Day Of The Doctor Edition!

And the fact that he ignored the glass case it was in. I'll bet he put a fez on his Christmas list along with a Stetson. This is beautiful. All of it. This is one of the reasons why Matt Smith was and is the best Doctor.

"Doctor Who Halloween Costume or something, 10th Doctor" by lizacatsforever on Polyvore featuring Tommy Hilfiger, MANGO, Converse and Kenneth Jay Lane

"Doctor Who Halloween Costume or something, Doctor" All I need is the coat and the sonic screwdriver. I have the rest.

Doctor Who All Doctors Cross Stitch Pattern by GeekyStitches

Doctor Who All Doctors Cross Stitch Pattern

From traveling in the tardis to not blinking at weeping angels; Who inspired cross stitch patterns for your favorite Whovian.

You can tell the doctor loves rose very much.. BUT THAT SON OF A BITCH RUINED IT ALL ON THE EPISODE DOOMSDAY. *slaps the doctor* Doctor: ow what was that for Me: GET WITH ROSE ALREADY

I hate the one with the doctor and Rose. Why did you have to do that huh!


With the pain I felt on number 7 (rose crying for the doctor) number 8 nearly killed me! You can't pull that shit! That's just not funny!

Love you Bill, always asking the perfect questions! P.S. loving those inside jokes! ;)

The Doctor: I’m not Scottish, I’m just cross. Bill: Is there Scotland in space? The Doctor: They’re all over the place. Demanding independence from every planet that they land on.

All Doctor Who Papercraft | Doctor Who Paper Craft

All Doctor Who Papercraft | Doctor Who Paper Craft