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Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction

The Amazon Milk Frog (by Adrien Sifre) - beautiful, but one of many creatures on this planet threatened by deforestation & warming climates. Caused by over-population of mankind. 7 billion today...what about in 20 years?


5 things we love about Danny Dyer in EastEnders Danny Dyer shocked us all when it was announced he'd be joining Albert Square as a brand new character to join Shirley Carter's family, Mick Carter.


We're not all like Hitler and Stalin, we actually have hearts. Just like the snake, we are easily misjudged. When have you ever read a story where a snake was a good guy? Maybe once or twice. How about a lion, or a badger, or an eagle? Exactly. Just because we've had some noteworthy villains enter our house, that doesn't mean we're all bad. Just because a group of people all share one, two, maybe three traits; that doesn't mean that they're all the exact same person.


Snakes - find out why they're lucky, and all about 100 other lucky charms, in BLESS MY KINDLE The very latest in charm technology, this fascinating ebook loads your e-reader with 101 of the luckiest symbols around to keep your Kindle safe forever. Find out why the four-leaf clover is special, where touching wood comes from and why beards were once thought to be blessed, in an Albatross to Yin-Yang charm encyclopaedia.

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Ressurrected by the Sunflower Tag

Took the pottermore quiz and got Hufflepuff. Always thought Id be a ravenclaw but to be honest I've read all about Hufflepuff since then and couldn't be happier!


African Rock Python — Click on the image to see facts about this topic. Citelighter lets you save, organize, and cite all of your research online. #citelighter


Snake Embroidered Mini Skirt

It’s all about embroidery this season, and this time we’re seeing it on leather. This skirt, complete with floral and butterfly details, strikes the perfect balance between edgy and feminine. Wear with a baggy tee and some ankle boots. #Topshop