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If you care about us, we give our all. We'll give you anything and everything we can. Defend you fiercely. Love you like family. But, If you turn on us you will, flat out, cease to exist. No consideration is given to you. Done.


When I read that one of the symbols of a Scorpio was the phoenix, I instantly realized something. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth. My middle name means "rebirth or to be reborn." My father, also a Scorpio, chose this name for me simply because it was unique and not often used. He had no idea...

People born on November 16 are composed and focused most times but also charming and attractive. They exert some sort of mystery and entice those around them. They are...

Phoenix meaning deals with rebirth, growth, life, longevity, and so many more awesome attributes. Legends of the phoenix vary according to historical era and cultural origin, but there are common themes woven through out all the stories. The phoenix is a mythological bird that recycles its own life.

Nice but rude - okay I will admit yes, Confident but insecure - I do act better than I really am, hot but dork - dorky all the way no hotness about meeeeeee