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Being a Muslim is about changing yourself for the better; not adapting Islam to suit you. May Allah make it easier for us to please HIM in all ways ameen.


Righteousness is the only quality that makes someone virtuous in the sight of Allah, not race or skin color or lineage or country.


Even though Ramadan ended, we all have to make sure it stays with us. How, might you ask? Everybody knows that Ramadan lasts only for a month, 29 or 30 wonderful days. This special month is a time to get closer to Allah (SWT), physically and mentally. And we have to take care not to lose this closeness with Allah (SWT) There is a hadith narrated by Sufyaan ibn 'Abdallah (RA) who said, "O Messenger of Allah (SAW), tell me something about Islam, which I cannot ask anyone else besides you." He…

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People feel that this isn't a big deal, because there's other works that are more complex. But, don't you see? This was not written by our prophet (saw) as he was illiterate. The true awe comes from the fact that we believe Allah wrote this and sent it down. God, the creator of all things...think about it, seriously just think.


Forget what the news tell you about islam. Read the Quran and know it for yourself :DD islam IS a religion of peace .


0BAMA AND HILLARY SHAME: Kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria being forced to recite the quran, “They are Muslims now!” ----------------------------------------------------------- ------ Remember this when the Obama administration, the enemedia and the army of Islamic supremacists and apologists tell you that this has nothing to do with Islam. It is illustrative of how they have been dissembling and deceiving the people about Islam for the past decade. It is all about Islam.