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"I felt a certain envy for what i assumed was Marilyn’s more than obvious popularity. Here was a girl who didn’t know what it was like to be lonely. Then i noticed how shy she was, and i think now that she was as lonely as I was. Lonelier. It was something I felt, a deep well of loneliness she was trying to fill." —Bette Davis

1950 - All About Eve - Bette Davis, Celeste Holm, Ann Baxter, George Sanders, Marilyn Monroe (bit part), etc. All star cast, classic black and white. Brilliant story about The Theatre and all the types of Players involved. Never get sick of seeing it.

Bette's famous quote in "All About Eve". But one of my favorites from the movie, is "Poor little flower....all petals and no stem." While Bette was gorgeous, her life and heart was about stem, not petals.