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Her dad should have stuck to this code. Broke my heart when he didn't recite this when his latino family came back to indoctrinate "We hunt those that hunt us"

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No please don't do this to me. I no joke crying. I miss them both so ,much. Derek might not be dead but I miss you and Allison. So much so much.

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allison argent and lydia martin - teen wolf - Lydia's style is my kind of style. I love everything she wears and nearly everything Allison wears too!

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She's imperfect but she tries. She is good but she lies. She is messy but she's kind. She is lonely most of the time. She is gone but she used to be mine. #tw

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Teen Wolf • Malia Tate (Hale) - Coyote • Alison Argent - Huntress • Kira Yukimura - Kitsune • Lydia Martin - Banshee

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I'm going to miss Allison, but I'm also going to miss the archery part of this show. I always loved seeing all the different bows and styles on Teen Wolf and I hope that doesn't go away entirely with her character.

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