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A concept of an alien being for an on-line project (Ground Zero) Alien Dude

The Kikiot by TomEdwardsConcepts on DeviantArt | Sci-fi | Creatures || Bestiary

Killiot - a membraneous creature of the wastes of Yondo that seeks to pierce and drain the fluids from living creatures.

Obelisk Final Design by Ubermonster

Concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy This is the final design for the creature that Drax gets swallowed by in the opening scene.

Reminds me of creatures from Darbont's "The Mist". Love giant creature features. Leviathan by 2buiArt

Leviathan from Titanfall Sci-Fi science fiction image gamescapes

I like this character as it could be cute like a house cat but as powerful as a lion, jumps around a lot and uses its tail as a weapon

Anthony Sieben's portfolio features some wonderfully alien creature designs that would be perfect for a space opera. He's also done some animation while studying at the Haute école Albert Jacquard.

10 Concept Artists Who Should Be Making Their Own Movies

I was recently lucky enough to work on the Creature Design for the new series, which is out already and I recommend checking it out if you can, called Cleverman made by Pukeko Pictures. I worked at WetaWorkshop along with Leri Greer who oversaw the


This creature has a number of vibrating strings on its back that are attached to large limbs. These limbs can move, stretching or easing the strings resulting in higher or lower vibration frequencies.

Types of Extraterrestrials | Different Types of Aliens (33 pics)

Nobody really knows if aliens really exist. But people still use their imagination to create different types of aliens.

Red Tailed Mardik Studies - From The Morae River

Brynn Metheney Specializes in creature design, animal illustration and visual development for publishing, film and games.