Alien art

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Psychedelic Alien Craft Aliens, Aliens in Art, UFO, X-Files, I Want to Believe

Movie Inspired Poster Series by Rhys Cooper

:: Ellen Ripley in Art Nouveau style, accompanied by Jonesie the Cat "Alien," "Aliens") : Galleries Nineteen Eighty Eight : Photo ::

magic-of-eternity:  Art by Зеленая лмпочка

Misaki, Future Punk Trend Spotter

Doodle number one

momalish: “ Stickers I created with the wonderful Sofia Ajram for her extremely beautiful collection: Morphe Jewelry ! PLEASE visit her website / Morphe: they are beautifully made products which use ethically sourced materials! Really lovely stuff- I.

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slightly-fading:  Space fruit by spaceroot

Etymology: from Helianthus a taxonomic genus with the family Asteraceae - th sunflowers. From Ancient Greek hḗlios sun ánthos flower.


Lucia / 17 / Ralph McQuarrie enthusiast "Fear is their greatest defense"

Refreshing sketch between jobs for one of the spitpaint group topics...

Mist-walkers: Mist-walkers inhabit swamps and marshlands exclusively. They tower over most trees and are terrifying to behold, but in reality are passive and sometimes even friendly.