ALF Willie : You didn’t eat all the cat food, did you? ALF : No way! I draw the line at intestinal byproducts!

Alf is his nickname for Alien Life Form. Loved this show:)& still watch when it comes on.

alf in the this is a true alien (a creature that came from another planet). Now people use the word Alien in ERROR!

We all know ALF, right? Well, this Saturday, I found all four seasons on Hulu Plus and did a mini-marathon. The show featured an alien life form (ALF - get

Alf. Jaren 80. De begin tijd van de vele Amerikaanse comedy series op tv. (Na de Cosby show) Alf was niet bijzonder leuk, soms zelfs een beetje flauw en ik keek er dan ook alleen maar naar wanneer het bij iemand anders op stond. Toch leefden er vele kijkers mee met deze beetje zielige en zeer ondeugende .... tja wat was het eigenlijk voor een beest?

OMG this is absolutely the funniest thing under the Sun. Old but well worth to watch if you can get your hands on it:) - A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.

ALF TV Series 23x35 No Problem Poster 1986 Jerry Stahl

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ALF TV Series 23x35 Mister Galaxy Poster 1989 Jerry Stahl

ALF TV show - he looks scary as hell now. how did i watch him back then?

From 1986 to ALF, a refugee from the planet Melmac, made himself right at home with the Tanners!

Alf was one of my favorites! This is a special cross stitch pattern that includes two different patterns: the first one features Lynn, Brian, Alf, Willie and Kate Tanner and Lucky the cat! The second one features Alf in some of his