Alex Ross has debuted a new original painting featuring Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn. Titled “Mind if I Cut in?,” it’s a sequel to his famed 2003 piece “Tango With Evil,” which debuted as the cover of “Batman: Harley Quinn.

Hulk •Alex Ross

Hulk by Alex Ross

Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 With the search on to find Bruce Banner, Red She-Hulk may be the only hero who knows how to track him down. How did she learn this information, and will she actually use it to help find Banner?


Marvel Legacy promises to restore the Marvel Universe to a more familiar place & this variant cover by Alex Ross restores many of the heroes to their classic looks as The Avengers assemble.

50s Superman with 60s Batman and Robin by Alex Ross

Classic Batman, Robin and Superman - Adam West, Burt Ward and George Reeves by Alex Ross

Superman, by Alex Ross.  I don't even like Superman, and this is great

Alex Ross Superman Cover Original Art (DC, This was an oversized spectacular blowout action - Available at 2012 May Vintage Comics &.

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Geek nomalez: ungoliantschilde: Alex Ross's cover art for Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl. Links: Alex Ross / Spider-man / comics cover / Marvel / All Comics .

alex ross | Alex Ross - Alfred Pennyworth - Tapiture

Alex Ross paintings

Batman variant cover featuring Alfred Pennyworth by artist Alex Ross. The illustration depicts Alfred holding onto the only thing left of his best friend, Batman.

These were important people to me growing up.

JLA: Secret Origins cover by Alex Ross and used for the covers of my favorite Mutant and mastermind books.

Black Adam by Alex Ross

Black Adam Alex Ross makes everything beautiful. I want him to draw my reality.

Commisioner Jim Gordon Alex Ross

Dramatic and awesome art of Commissioner James Gordon in front of the Bat-Signal with a bat