alex grey.....   This man is a painter.  If you wish to see his art work, check out Inspired and Inspiring.  ..z

Phenomenal tattoo of Alex Grey artwork - sorry for the butt shot folks, but this was too phenomenal to pass up!

The latest 3d Render of the huge 3D printed building @ CoSM in New York. Conceptualized by Alex Grey - who helped transform his next level Vision of it into a 3d model ( Along with Mark Lee who designed the Dna Dragons on top ). Suport their latest kickstarter to make it a 2017 sure to check out the video.

CoSM is raising funds for Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey on Kickstarter! Help bring Alex Grey's world renowned Sacred Mirrors exhibition back on view by completing the construction of Entheon.

Oh my god. Izzie roasted Alex. Burn!  It bothers me that she ousted walked away for a good job

When Alex tormented Izzie about her past as a model, but she got the last laugh in Grey's Anatomy:

Front view of Entheon - 3D Model by Ryan Tottle by design of Alex Grey . Alex has had this Center for Visionairy Art funded through.

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is an art sanctuary and trans-denominational interfaith church, founded by Alex and Allyson Grey in Wappinger, New York.



Tyler Morgan (Alex Pettyfer)    Book Two (coming soon) Bonds of Blood & Spirit: UnCivil Wars

Alex Pettyfer: this is my number one vote to play christian grey in fifty shades of grey. he may be 7 years younger than christian, but he could pull off

Invocation and Prayer ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ Alex Gray, artist

"Be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you unmasked. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet." ~Franz Kafka -art by Alex Gray