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Deek Tours the 20′ Dragonfly Tiny House on Wheels

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Now don’t get me wrong, I still have quite a strong attachment to the design darling of house plants, the fiddle leaf fig. They are so sculptural, maybe even a bit stately and yet so very hip. The fiddle leaf definitely has held her reign as queen of plants for interiors. This summer, I picked …

A new plant to love; Fiddle Leaf Fig vs Split Leaf Philodendron

look what is happening with the ceiling as it transitions out from the kitchen

The design of this kitchen is perfect. The cooktop island with additional storage and round-end shelves is by Mullet Cabinet in Millersburg, Ohio

"How could you do this to me? You said you were on my side!" "It's not about sides, Aza, it's about finding someone who will give you what you want. And I found that. Goodbye." "I will find you and I will kill your for this Fallon!!!!!"

I struggle harshly against my bonds while he just watches with a small, cold smile. I slump in defeat after a while. He bends and lifts my chin. (Open rp be him.

Half wall for storage, directing flow | | from Creating Order in a Craftsman Bungalow

Creating Order in a Craftsman Bungalow

whole house remodel bungalow kitchen NOT White Cabinents but like the tile and green island

Made in Rhode Island by Alex & Ani, these bracelets are made from recycled materials. My mom, who lives in R.I., and has such classy taste, gave me one for Christmas. So lovely!

Alex & Ani Jewelry Goes for the (Recycled) Gold