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Omega-3 and metabolism: DHA may reduce risk of metabolic conditions, study suggests

The truth experts won't admit: Drink PREVENTS dementia

'There is currently no dementia medicine to match the protective power of alcohol'

Jun – Honey and Green Tea Alternative to Kombucha


Risk of 'drink dementia' in the elderly boozers is catching up with Alzheimer's

Boozy pensioners risk 'alcoholic dementia' with the damage from drink rivalling Alzheimer's. More older people are hospitalised every year for mental disorders related to alcohol (11,373) than for alcohol-related liver disease (9,890). This increase is far greater than the growth in the elderly population. The bottom line is that this bingeing behaviour is leading to more over-60s being hospitalised for alcoholic brain damage, a condition known as Korsakoff syndrome. I Read more...


Sent to the asylum: The Victorian women locked up because they were suffering from stress, post natal depression and anxiety

Sarah Gardner, in an insane asylum. Diagnosis: Insanity caused by anxiety. Women could find themselves labelled insane and locked up in madhouses for a range of conditions – from postnatal depression to anxiety to alcoholism or senile dementia, and even for social transgressions such as infidelity (‘moral insanity’).