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New alcohol guidelines could encourage women to drink at unsafe levels

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Alcohol Guidelines: Breastfeed and then have a glass of alcohol. Wait a minimum of 2 hours per alcoholic beverage before offering you milk to your baby. You don't have to "pump and dump." Instead, get rid of alcohol by drinking lots of water and urinating it out of your system.

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Paleo Diet: The basics. I would add that you should strive for lean meats. #Paleo #paleohunt

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14 day Clean Eating Meal Plan for the Whole Family!

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Vitamin B-1 What Does it Do. Also alcohol decreases vitamin B1 and the pill does too. All the more reason to eat more.

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Whether its the night after the Office Christmas Party, Christmas Day or New Year, many of us have known the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol…the dreaded Hangover! Yet, do we actually know what a Hangover is? Is there a ‘cure’? Is it possible to drink alcohol without getting one? This article contains the following: Drinking Tips| Alcohol safety | NHS Guidelines | Hangover remedies. #hangovers #holidayhangover #alcohol #officeparty #hangoverremedy #supplements #healtharticle

Why those killjoy new alcohol rules are just plain wrong

Alcohol guidelines critiqued by Dame Sally Davies on alcohol and health | Daily Mail Online