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Getting Drunk on a Diet

Getting Drunk on a Diet #Infographic


Giggle Water cocktail recipe book by Charles D. Warnock, 1928. Love the authentic flapper cover art here, but I definitely worry about the blood alcohol content that would be induced by that glass. :p

from Jamie Oliver

Frozen festive vodka bottle

I first saw this done in Sweden and I knew I'd have to try it out. It's easy.

from A Better Cocktail

Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

The Espresso Martini is a variant of a classic vodka drink with a strong emphasis on caffeine. As the cocktail contains a shot of espresso, this also adds caffeine content to the drink which is sure to liven you up. The drink also features Kahlúa, a blend of coffee liqueur and rum. The Espresso Martini is served in a cocktail glass and presented with a garnish of coffee beans on top.

from Jamie Oliver


Super sippable and refreshing, this rum cocktail is the ultimate summer drink. It was also allegedly Ernest Hemingway’s favourite tipple.

from Jamie Oliver

5 ways to cook with wine

5 ways to cook with wine | The majority of alcohol in wine burns off during the cooking process. The amount that remains in the dish depends on the cooking method and amount of cooking time. A quick flambé may not burn off all the alcohol, whereas a wine reduction sauce will leave very little, if any, alcohol content. Heat and time are key. For instance, slow-cooking a stew for two and a half hours will leave just 5% of the alcohol, while 20 minutes will leave 40%.