The opposite of Albinism is called Melanism and it is very rare Here is a photo of an albino and a melanistic together

The lightest and darkest skin colour, human diversity is interesting. Interestingly enough, both are of black descent.

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Everything pale skinned and fabulously delicate! ~ Click the image for some tips and tricks on getting beautiful pale skin Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Discussing his efforts, he said: 'What I find interesting about individual characters that I have been fortunate enough to photograph is that many have struggled with their freckles since their infancy and either hated them, or grown to live with them or even like them in adulthood'

Photographer captures freckles in all their glory

Photographer Brock Elbank has sought out “incredible-looking humans” for his photo project

South African model named Thando Hopa (Ref for how Eshe would look, as an adult! But with more freckles--)

15 Albino Women And Girls with Gorgeous Natural Hair [Gallery]

Albus by Justin Dingwall Albus is a beautiful ongoing portrait project between photographer and a South African model named Thando Hopa, a legal prosecutor who is using her visibility to address the negative perceptions surrounding albinism.

This Photo Series Shows Albinism In A Whole New Light #refinery29

Here's What Albinism Really Looks Like

This photo series shows albinism in a different light (Photos: Angelina D’Auguste)

"We feel albinism is pretty, we love our hair, eye color and skin tone."

11-Year-Old Twins with Albinism Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

They have black Parents. YES all White people are originally black albino's. White people come from BLACK people! All things proof this