Alayne stone

Game of Thrones Fan Art

Alayne Stone: Beautiful Illustration by leafette: This is my submission into the Game of Thrones Artbook currently on kickstarter!

My precious Sansa, your Queen in the North is showing

The Best Way to Prepare For GOT Season 7 Is Through the Most Epic Braids of Season 6

Game Of Thrones - TV Série - books (livros) - A Song of Ice and Fire (As Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo) - House Stark - family (família) - black dress (vestido preto) - princess (princesa) - Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner)

Sansa Stark to Lady Lannister to Alayne Stone "Who else would I be?"

Sansa Stark to Lady Lannister to Alayne Stone (and in episodes to Lady Bolton)-"Who else would I be?

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She looked so achingly beautiful in black. She wore her grief well. It spread to my eyes, causing them to grow wet with the same dew that brimmed in hers.