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Alaska Homestead

Alaska Homesteader's Handbook: Independent Living in the Last Frontier


Excellent method for heating your water off the grid. This method is not only very efficient as it uses what would otherwise be waste heat being directed out through the stack, but it also works in much the same way as a hot water on demand system or a solar water heating system. This concept can even be directly incorporated into your current solar water heating system or as a separate stand-alone in the kitchen or workshop. Keep your mind open and remember to improvise!


Preparing the Homestead for Winter - IdlewildAlaska

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What Does it Cost to Start a Homestead? Our Monthly Expense Reports

Follow along this young couple's journey of starting a homestead 100% from…

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Off-Grid in Alaska: Mark's Story

My wife and I live an off-grid homestead lifestyle in Alaska because we prefer to live closer to nature, at a different pace from most of society.


The A to Z of a New Homestead - IdlewildAlaska

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10 Ways to Keep from Freezing in the Winter (or How Not to Die at 40 Below!)

10 Ways to Keep from Freezing in the Winter ... or how not to die at 40 below! Guest post by Rhonda Van Zandt @ {Mom with a Prep}


Edible Wild and Poisonous Plants in Alaska


USDA plant hardiness zones for AK. Still in the range of zone 1-2