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This man, Alan Turing, helped win World War II by inventing a computer than could decrypt German messages encoded with the Enigma machine. In addition, he formally described the concepts of algorithms and computation. He proved that anything computable on one machine, is computable on another, given enough time. He is the father of computer science. After the war he was tried in court for being gay, found gulty, forced to take castration pills, and then driven to suicide. Britan has…


Millennium Series. The Inventors' Tale 63p Stamp (1999) Computer inside Human Head (Alan Turing's work on computers)

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BBC News - Alan Turing: Gay codebreaker's defiance keeps memory alive Such a sad story :( How must he have felt in the last years of his life. The thanks for shortening the Second World War was sentencing him to chemical castration by taking female hormones just because he happened to fall in love with other men. The irony of history..

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Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing is given a posthumous royal pardon for his 1952 conviction for homosexuality.


In today's society computers and technology have been taking a big role in our lives. In the adoration of Jenna Fox, they find out Jenna's memory is in a computer. I think the author is trying to tell us that little things like backing up someone's memory into a computer take over a big part in world. His main message I think is that technology is a huge thing in today's world.

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Petition to pardon computer pioneer Alan Turing started : An online petition calling for the government to posthumously pardon Alan Turing and quash his conviction for gross indecency has been launched / @BBCNews | #AlanTuringYear

TIL that computer scientist and mathematician Alan Turing died after biting into an apple laced with cyanide. It was rumored that the Apple Inc. logo had a bite taken from it to represent the poison apple. The designer has said it wasn't but Its a wonderful urban legend.