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35 Reasons Why the Cast of 'Harry Potter' is the Best

Nobody is immune to the charms of the Harry Potter series. Whether you be a witch, wizard, Muggle, or member of the royal family, there's no denying that this fandom i...


Alan Rickman as Sherlock's father. I can live with that, considering they both have voices of silk. And that's an understatement. <---- That comment.

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Ian McKellen on

Farewell tweet in honor of Alan Rickman written by Sir Ian McKellen

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Alan Rickman, Snape in 'Harry Potter' films, dies at 69 -

Alan Rickman, who played Professor Severus Snape in the "Harry Potter" films and "Die Hard" villain Hans Gruber, has died. Pray for his family that they may find peace in their daily lives and remember the iconic actor he was.

Music Video - Texas 'In Demand' Sharleen Spiteri and Alan Rickman Tango in a petrol station!


No good image for this, but after seeing it splayed across the internet without citing an actual interview, I figured this was the case: "Thousands of people are under the impression that Alan Rickman said this quote: 'When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, “After all this time?” And I will say, “Always.”' HE NEVER SAID THIS QUOTE. A fan said this about themselves and ever since Alan Rickman dedicated blogs…