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Photographer takes perfect snap of kingfisher after 6 years trying

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Charlie Hunnam and Excalibur glisten in 'King Arthur' first look photos

THAT FACE!!!! 'King Arthur' first look: See Charlie Hunnam (and Excalibur!) on the set of Guy Ritchie's medieval epic | |

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Statue in memorial to Alan Turing, Sackville Gardens, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, 2011, photograph by Ian Rhodes. Turing, a mathematician and logician, was considered by Churchill to have made the single greatest contribution to the war effort against the Nazis through his code breaking work. He was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952, chemically castrated, and subsequently committed suicide at age 42, an action the British government would not apologise for until 2009.

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The 23 Most Iconic Professor Snape Moments In "Harry Potter"

When he asks Harry to tell the difference between an Inferius and a ghost. | 23 Of The Best Professor Snape Moments In "Harry Potter"

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Depois de 6 anos e 720 mil cliques... fotógrafo consegue a "foto perfeita"

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