[BORN] Al Pacino / Born: Alfredo James Pacino, April 25, 1940 in New York City, New York, USA #actor

Al Pacino / Born: Alfredo James Pacino, April 1940 in New York City, New York, USA.

Al Pacino: Does anyone not love this classic rugged tough guy?

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Al Pacino as Michael Corleone...Devastatingly handsome, sexy as hell, and enigmatic... Swoon. Il Capo di tutti capo.

This slideshow features photos of young Al Pacino, one of the most iconic American actors who was made famous for his mobster roles in “Scarface” and “The Godfather.

I'm guessing everyone at work probably calls me Serpico behind me back, but if that's the case, I'll take it as a compliment.

Directed by Sidney Lumet. With Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Biff McGuire. An honest New York cop named Frank Serpico blows the whistle on rampant corruption in the force only to have his comrades turn against him.

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Al Pacino: A native of New York's Bronx, Pacino was born on April

Al Pacino/••••Scent of a Woman w/Chris O'Donnel; Scarface; The Godfather1,2,3; Frankie & Johnny w/Jane Fonda; Sea of Love w/Ellen Barkin; The Recruit w/Colin Farrell

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Born	Alfredo James Pacino  April 25, 1940 (age 71)  East Harlem, New York City, United States  Occupation	Actor, director, screenwriter, producer  Years active	1968–present  Home town	New York City, New York  Children	2 daughters, 1 son

Alfredo James "Al" Pacino ( born April 1940 ) is an American film and stage actor and director.

C'est vendredi, c'est le bordel #119

C'est vendredi, c'est le bordel #119

Al Pacino Definition: A man who has been sexy from the beginning and only gets sexier with age! My favorite movie of his is "Scent Of A Woman", but I love all of them. I think my favorite all time line would be" say hello to my little friend".