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Akka Mahadevi was a devotee of Shiva. Right from childhood she had completely given herself to Shiva and she looked upon him as her husband. A king saw her one day and she was so beautiful that he married her. But in her mind and consciousness, she was already married to Shiva. After a few years of frustration, the king became so exasperated that he brought her to court and accused her of adultery. Mahadevi said, “You fool! I am not your wife.

Akka Mahadevi (12th Century) : Like a silkworm weaving her house with love from her marrow, and dying in her body's threads winding tight, round and round, I burn desiring what the heart desires Cut through, O Lord, my heart's greed, and show me your way out, O Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna


Akka Mahadevi- 12 cenury CE - Will a peacock dance on a little mound and not on a mountain? Will a swan ever yearn for a small ditch and not for a Lake? Will a cuckoo sing without fresh green sprouts of mango tree? Will a bumblebee crave for flower without fragrance? Listen, oh my friends! Will my mind ever hanker after anything other than my Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna (Siva)?