Ak singer

NINA SIMONE- Singer/musician and black activist

NINA SIMONE- Singer/musician and black activist JR: ugh, I love her, such brilliance and such pain - oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood

whale fluke chart - Google Search

These are my three favorite singers of the sea. In fact I have these three whales tattooed on me for that reason!

Lydia Stone is a Vampire and the daughter of Lady Catherine who rules the largest coven of Vampires in the present time. Lydia often helps with research and occasionally helps Hercules out with making clothing or weapons for the field agents.

With blonde hair and blue eyes, this really is how I picture Gretchen Prescott (Holland Roden By Courtney Dailey)

Ian Curtis, contemplating the Peter Saville design for the cover of 'Unknown…

Frases de Ian Curtis para satisfacer los placeres desconocidos

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Landscape being pondered by Ian Curtis RIP.

10 of Anna Kendrick's funniest quotes ever

10 Hilarious Quotes That Will Make Anna Kendrick Your Pretend BFF for Life