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Love is in the Air(heads)

DIY Airheads candy straws!!! So cool! Jac o' lyn Murphy: Love is in the Air(heads)

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Homemade/DIY Airheads Candy

Airheads are a tangy, taffy-like, chewy candy that come in individually wrapped strips. Here's a recipe to make your own.

Details about Airheads Bites Fruit Or Sour Chewy Candy

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25 Vegan Halloween Candies

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Shot Glasses from Airheads Candy! These can be done in loads of colors & be used as edible Jello Shot cups! Now that's a good idea!

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Rainbow Popsicles

These taste SO good! So easy to make too. Just use Airheads Rainbow Candy for the cutest ice pop popsicles ever!

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