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Hahahahaha I'm a New Zealander and I had no idea!!!! Hahaha that is so fucking... New Zealand to do

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The U.S. Air force invented a “Gay Bomb” (look it up on wikipedia) It appears that a 'heavy sweating bomb', 'flatulence bomb' and 'halitosis bomb' were also considered by a committee at the time.the wright laboratory won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for it in 2007 but no one would collect the prize in person.

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Demotivational Military Motivational Posters | • View topic - SB motivational posters

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Silly funny cat #funnycatmemes #funnycats find more funny cats here

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Not all the way right as far as navy/usmc goes but still funny with the air force. My aunt and uncle are both in the Air Force and my aunt was in Afghanistan so I know they actually do work lol

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"I've been asked if the wars will ever end. But they never will, not really." I closed my eyes. "They carry across space and time." "How did they start?" "Nobody's really sure, some folks just needed to prove there ship was better then someone else. I understand that I would still fight for my ships today if I could." "Even after all this time?" I smile to myself, laughing at the joke that the boy in front of me will never fully understand, at least not for many years "Always."

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1942 WWII Warplane Identification Chart, German and British Air Force

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