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Antique, Vintage and Vintage Style Elecrtic Portable Table and Desk Fans

Here follows the scrapbook of a 36 year old Paris born Irishman living in Amsterdam. Cycling, photography, architecture, design, and style.(Most of these images are NOT mine, but reblogged from tumblr. Some images are NSFW or of an adult nature. All...

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Off-Grid Appliances - Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Purification, air conditioners, Solar attic fan, etc.

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air conditioning ceiling multi ring jet diffuser fan ventilation

double skin panel air conditioning ventilation with duct fan and doors

Ana Rosa. I remember sitting in church on a hot afternoon, fanning myself with a paper fan. They were a common sight before air conditioning.

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DIY Rainbow Fan - because some schools lack enough air conditioning, so why not let your fan match your room!? :)

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A ductless minisplit is a type of air-source heat pump that can provide space heating as well as air conditioning. Most of the ductless minisplits sold in the U.S. are manufactured in Japan or South Korea; the best known brands are Daikin, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi

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