aids poster

This poster project was targeting another social awareness subject: Aids. The objective was to promote the Federal government initiative to fight against HIV /

Cinco projetos de arte que vão inspirar você a engrossar a luta no Brasil e no mundo:

Being HIV+ is not a crime. Education not Persecution. Also the handcuffs are misleading as the text is too small to read (explains it)

One Drop Can Affect A Million (Stop Aids)

One Drop Can Affect A Million (Stop Aids) Make a Difference. The drop of blood symbolizes the spread of AID's through blood transmission.

HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: Where Are We in 2015? #worldaidsday

HIV/AIDS In Nigeria: Where Are We In 2015 - Radiant Health

HIV/AIDS In Nigeria. In honor of World AIDS Day we’re taking a moment to discuss where we are as a country in tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how .

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