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Honey bees are critically important to many aspects of agriculture, urban and rural landscapes as well as backyard gardens - and Bayer supports efforts to promote bee health. #BayerBeeTour Monsanto "Round-Up" main cause of bee death. Thank God queens lay so many eggs.

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In addition to leaving out all the "nasties", (listed on graphic), the active ingredients for Neal's Yard Remedies are grown using biodynamic and organic farming methods, resulting in a nutrient and mineral rich soil that yields a highly therapeutic plant!

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Natural Growing

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"Beyond coincidence? Interesting pan-cultural parallels." Well perhaps it's a paleo/mesolithic remain from the cultures before the glacier years or the neolithic, it's "the lady of the beasts", a wild nature/fauna/earth goddess and around 12000-3000 bc all these cultures had the same lifestyle and similar symbols/myth..most kept this motive going despite agriculture society/city state until they became too "civilized"/hierarchal/patriarchal in the iron ages and the…

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25 Logo Designs to Inspire You

I like this logo because it reminds me of the area that I live in and does a good job of representing that.

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