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Malaysian Agricultural Sector Exports Up 2.6%

The Parijat group of companies offers international quality products ethically produced and sourced. We are a knowledge and value enhancing contributor across the value chain to all the stake holders in the agricultural sector. We have been serving farmers worldwide by building global partnerships, supplying quality cost-effective crop protection chemicals for the last 10 years.

Holly, Michigan. Holly’s rich history goes back to the arrival of the first settlers in 1831. Beginning as a lumbering depot founded by Ira C. Alger, Holly has been home to many industries, including being one of the earliest railroad junctions in the State of Michigan, home to numerous manufacturing sectors (including the automobile industry), and agricultural lands.


Sets of #Lego #tractors span the construction and agricultural sectors.


Technology: The Missing Link in Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

Africa: Donors Pledge $30 Billion to Boost Agricultural Sector -

Center pivot irrigation is used throughout the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin of Saudi Arabia. Water is mined from depths as great as one kilometer (~3,000 ft), pumped to the surface, and evenly distributed by sprinklers that rotate 360 degrees. Spurred by a government effort to strengthen its agriculture sector, cultivated land in Saudi Arabia grew from 400,000 acres in 1976 to more than 8 million acres by 1993. For a sense of scale, the total area shown in this Overview is approximately forty…

Head Office Lely - DoepelStrijkers Nature meets high-tech in an inspiring environment where Lely works on groundbreaking innovations for the global agriculture sector.

Industries who won't pay carbon tax. Alberta and B.C. have several exemptions to the tax, such as those that apply to the agricultural sector and some air travel. Large emitters in Alberta including oilsands operations fall under a different system that sets specific emission reduction goals.